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Marketing Your Ebook by Giving it Away For Free

One of the best marketing methods for ebooks is to give it away for free. Don't stop reading. It's not as crazy as it sounds. If you give away your ebook, then people can give it away to their friends who can give it away to their friends. It'll spread like a virus.

This is a little scary because you just spent time doing research and writing your book. And of course, the main reason for writing an ebook is to make money, so how are you supposed to make money from it if you give it away for free?

The first way to make money if you give your ebook away is to use your ebook to build your marketing list. If you talk to any business person anywhere, they will tell you that the most important thing you can do in marketing is to build a client list. If you have a client list, you can build a rapport with them. Then they will buy things from you over and over again. That client list is worth its weight in gold.

To build your list, you need to have a sales page to advertise your eboo…

How to Write an E-Book

By Rie Busten

Writing an e-book is pretty overwhelming, particularly for people who are starting out. But, just like another skill, the e-book writing is something you can learn as well as master overtime. When you do, this attempt can surely bring big paychecks on your door.

First, choose your topic or subject. It will be good if you select topics, which interest you and those you know well. You can surely find this attempt difficult if you write something, which will need an extensive research and will need a huge amount of your writing time. You can write about your interest or things you do good. This is not just for you to have great time to write your e-books but to offer good value to your readers.

Keep it very short. You actually don't have to make e-books very lengthy as most of the online users favor those, which are relatively short. You need to be straight and offer information that you have upfront. You don't have to use long introductions and repeat your words.

Make …

The Great British Book Giveaway

By Gary Dobbs

On the surface it looks a good thing and for the consumer it is - at least in the short term. Supermarkets are offering consumer deals to book buyers that defy belief.

Take a handsome box set of the entire James Bond series by Ian Fleming, in identical editions to those selling for £7.99 in bookshops up and down the country. And all for £15. That's 14 books in all and they come in a nice presentation box.

Or if Jack Higgins is more your style - ASDA have a Jack Higgins box set of three paperbacks for £5. One of the books in the set, The Iron Tiger I saw only yesterday in Wasterstones for £7.99 and the books were identical.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter for £1 (ASDA), Tomorrow Never Dies novelization by Raymond Benson is in ASDA's for £1. Or current bestseller Michael Connelly, three novels in one massive book for £4 (ASDA). Morrisons and Sainsbury's are also in on the act and the average price for a brand new current hardback book varies between £8 and £10.

What's wr…

What is a Content Management System?

By Derek Rogers Platinum Quality Author

If you are running a website, having a good content management system (CMS) is imperative for your success; however, many companies still are not familiar with this system. Those who have not yet taken the time to implement one may well be selling themselves short by not understand what a content management system is, how it works, and the many benefits it can provide. Here is a closer look at content management to help you better understand this system and why it is so important for you to have one in place.

Understanding the Content Problem

For those who have websites online right now, more likely than not the site has grown steadily over the time it has been live; and while it may be quite useful for those who find it, it is not perfect and may not be easy to navigate. Some of the problems that can crop up include difficulty finding things in the site, problems updating the site, the content is no longer accurate or is out of date, and the appea…

What Can Joomla Do?

Right out of the box Joomla is a very powerful application for websites. The potential it has is amazing. You can have as many or as few pages as you want for your website. This can be great for those website owners that have a lot to say. Adding more pages doesn't bloat the code or the site. Joomla was created to handle a lot of pages.

Joomla was also created to have organization on your site so you aren't having a hard time trying to figure out where all your pages are. You can categorize them anyway that you want. If part of your website is about services you offer you can categorize them, if part of your site is specific information to your industry it can be categorized as well. This also works well for your visitors because you can link to individual sections and categories and let them choose what they want to look at without cluttering the site with different menus.

Once you get into adding things the potential expands even more. The need to pay for extra services become…

How to Write a Good Sales Letter For Your E-Book

Having a well written sales letter for your e-book is a must, but how do you write one especially if you do not have the required writing skills. Well let us have a look at some of the methods we can use.

Useful Tips on writing a good sales letter:

1. Know your target market and write for those people that will be interested in your e-book.

2. Point out the main attributes of your product and make this your selling point for your e-book.

3. You must have a quality product and prove to be good value for money.

4. Offer a full money back guarantee, and if your readers have any problems concerning the product, offer to help them solve these problems and assure them of your full support.

5. Ask some of your satisfied customers if they would like to write a testimonial about your e-book. This is a very powerful method to use in your sales letter.

6. Offer your customers an incentive if they purchase your product, give them something for free but the free gift must be something of value.

7. A call …

Go Viral With Your Master Re-Sell Rights E-Book

The important thing about your e-book is that you can do what you like with it. Owning the master re-sell rights means the profits are huge, and you can sell it to other people and they can sell it on to more people.

How can you earn an income from your e-book, lets assume you by an e-book with master re-sell rights for $47, you then re-sell the book at the same price. So now you have got your investment back after just one sale. If you sell 11 copies you have made a 1000% profit, not bad for a $47 investment.

If you want your e-book to be viral which means to spread out exponentially this method is effective, but if you want to get it distributed easier and in a shorter time. What do you do, well you give it away.

Why give your e-book away, this is because you are the author of the book, and being the author of the book you can have as many links inside the book as you want. Just do not put to many links in your book, otherwise your readers will be a bit skeptical of the intentions of t…

Choosing the Right CMS For Your Web Site

By Ryan Bailey

We all have seen a few different content management systems I am sure. But with all the different CMS solutions available how do you choose the right one for your Web Site. This article will go over the main points to consider when choosing a content management system and what to look out for.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of web site am I creating?

There are many different CMS solutions out there to you and each one is best used for a different type of web site. So to choose the right CMS you need to find out what purpose your web site will have and what the main required functions of the content management system will be.

For example if you are planning to create a web site that simply will be used to post articles or guides, Wordpress may be the right solution for you. However if you are looking at creating more of a community that focuses around dynamic content and users, a portal like CMS may be what you are looking for. Popular portal like cont…

CMS Review - PHP Nuke

Today we are going to review the PHP-Nuke Content Management System (CMS). PHP-Nuke is best used for a community website, or a website focused on different information (including articles, guides, etc.) that users can interact with.

Simply put the main focus of PHP-Nuke is to manage your web site's pages through the use of modules. There are many different modules available, and as PHP-Nuke is open source many people create thier own module and release them (there is also a new feature on the PHP Nuke Website, where users can sell custom modules).

In this article we will dive deep into PHP-Nuke and explore some of the various features available in this free Content Management System.

Before we continue on the requirements for setting up PHP Nuke should be stated. Firstly you will need some type of web server (Apache is recommended), along with some time of SQL database (MySQL is standard and best used with PHP Nuke), you will also need a PHP version of at least 4.

For this article we …

Choosing a CMS in 10 Steps

Picture this: you have a great website contract, a stunning design, and everything is ready to roll. Except for one little problem: which content management system (CMS) should be used?

There's no real right or wrong answer to this question, but it can certainly cause a lot of grief if you're battling the technology rather than being assisted by it. So here's a couple of handy pointers to help with the decision:

1. Blog or CMS?

If the website is primarily going to handle 'posts' - journal entries spread out in time - then a blog is more appropriate. If on the other hand you need to organise a quantity of more structured articles, such as sales literature or support documents, a CMS is going to be your best bet.

There's actually a fair amount of crossover between blogs and CMS systems these days, but you may as well start out with a tool that's specialised for the task at hand.

Wordpress is becoming fairly ubiquitous for blogging, with a vast range of third-part…

Buat Emoticon di Facebook

Chuy. Chattingan di facebook lebih asek lagi kalo pake emoticon-emoticon lucu nan imut ini, selain menambah kekerenan, juga bisa menarik lebih banyak friend request (ngibul ini ya) Lho bener ga ngibul, yaw buat chatingan lebih seru donk yaw.. Pengen tau sabar dulu.. Ni informasi saya dapet dari : . Soalnya saya bener-bener ga taw macam-macam emoticon, ini dia gaan :

smile:-):):]=)tongue:-P:P:-p:p=Pwink;-);)grin:-D:D=Dcurly lips:3kiss:-*:*grumpy>:(>:-(glasses8-)8)B-)B)sunglasses8-|8|B-|B|upset>:O>:-O>:o>:-oconfusedo.OO.oshark(^^^)gasp:-O:O:-o:opacman:vsquint-_-devil3:)3:-)unsure:/:-/:\:-\frown:-(:(:[=(cry:'(Chris Putnam:putnam:robot:|]heart<3angelO:)O:-)kiki^_^penguin<(")

Theme Wordpress Made In Indonesian

Busyed dah yang satu ini patut kita beri 10 jempol (asal bukan jempol kaki aja yah) Template Maker kita : Ahmad Rafis. Meskipun ane ga pake wordpress untuk blog ini tetapi saya juga pecinta wordpress <3 apalagi dengan theme yang satu ini saya langsung "Palling in Loph" saat melihat screenshotnya, apalagi buka demo website *aiih* kayak ada cewek chinese yang cakep * keren bangeedz deh nih Theme nya (lebay mulay) dengan slideshownya yang tampak rapi, coba deh dekatkan kursor ke link di sidebar, pasti tuh link pada kabur semua (hihihihi) alias gerak-gerak sendiri .. Kalo saya yang memandang bukan seperti theme tapi lama-lama seperti lukisan, soalnya seni-nya itu loh... Manztab bangedz..

Hehehe dari tadi ngomong apaan sih ane.. Langsung aja ya gan ga pake cingclong :

Download :

Demo :

ART-MAGAZINE FeaturedSlideshowCategory FeaturedWidget SupportTheme OptionsCustom HeaderDll
Note : "Cint…

Tukang Mie Ayam Fesbukan

Hihihi lagi enak-enak baca yang bikin ketawa-ngakak kok saya melihat bagaikan cahaya dari langit setelah hujan.. Artikel yang aneh lucu menarik menggemaskan *by KelvinCardician* yang saya tidak sengaja menemukan barang antik dan lucu ini di Kaskus ( Langsung aja deh .. kepengen ketawa aku :D :D :

Tukang Mie Ayam Main Facebook
Kejadian ini bermula ketika secara tak sengaja aku berpapasan dengan tukang Mie
Ayam keliling yang biasa beredar di depan rumah. Siang itu, kulihat dia tengah berasyik masyuk di pinggir jalan, cekikikan sambil melihat sesuatu yang ada di tangannya. Bahkan saking asiknya, gerobak mie ayam itu ditinggalkannya begitu saja, seakan mengundang pemulung jail untuk mengangkutnya

Karena penasaran, diriku pun bertanya

"Mas Jason (panggil saja demikian, karena dia sering dipanggil Son ama pelanggannya "Son.. mie ayamnya siji maning sooon.."), sedang apa kok asik bener
di pojokan?" tanyaku

"Eh mas ganteng...(…

Teliti Sebelum Membeli

Sebulan lalu saya sempat membeli modem GSM yang (katanya) si orang penjualnya dapat menikmati fasilitas 3G dengan harga yang cukup murah yaitu Rp. 500.000,- dan saya pun membelinya dengan alasan murahnya itu, tetapi merknya agak aneh gan, tidak begitu terkenal tapi dalam hati ane waktu beli oke-oke saja, soalnya dibungkus modem GSM itu ada tulisan : include 3G, wah-wah siapa yang ga suka hayo dapat modem murah, nama merk modemnya adalah Se-Yi.

Nyampek dirumah dengan senang, bergembira ria ane colokkan Telkomsel Flash Unlimited 256 Kbps *wow*, dan beberapa detik setelah ada tulisan "Conection available" wew betapa senang riang hati ini.. akhirnya bisa internetan dirumah. Langsung aja cekidot buka, walah-walah kok lemot amit-amit yah. Hmmph... saya pikir-pikir lagi mungkin ini lagi siang, jaringannya lagi sibuk. Tes lagi deh waktu malam sekitar jam 12 malam *begadang euy* dengan sangat lemah gemulai speed nya mulai beranjak sedikit demi sedikit, bahkan ane yakin ka…

Tips Anti Laptop Panas

Walah2.. punya leppie kesayangan tapi puanuas terus bawa-annya pusing.. stress.. ?? nyante dulu gan ane punya tips-tips yang tepat untuk memecahkan masalah ini, ni saya liat aja sendiri gan :

Hehhe mengapa tidak saya taruh semua disini ?? wah2 jangan dunk nanti saya di cap sebagai Blogger yang tidak bermoral yang bisa nya copy-paste *gag lah yaw* ane cuma ingin berbagi aja memberikan infomasi buat kamu-kamu semua pecinta alam leppie ^^...

Udah di liat belom ! Liat sana gihh ! :D

[Share]Memperepat Download Rapid Share 10 X

Hmm maaf yang satu ini saya langsung copas dari forum, jadi ga tau cara gunainnya gimana ?? Mungkin disini ada yang tahu ???... Tapi kalau saya buka satu-satu itu website na sama semua yaitu Rapidleech.. Mungkin ini sejenis merubah link dari Rapidshare ke link yang lain, kalo download dari Rapid Share kalo ga premium kan harus xtra sabar.. Ney langsung saja cekidott : 200an mb 100 cuman 100 kah? 100 juga? 200an lagi 100mb 500an mb, kli lebih 100?? 200 100 100 200 400an…

ON LINE SHOP di Indonesia dan Globalisasi

Weleh sebelumnya saya sudah Posting tentang Online Shop di post terdahulu sekarang lupa nyarinya tapi kenapa kok saya bahas lagi? Yupz soalnya ini menyangkut masa depat umat manusa, bentar lagi akan ada Badai dari segala arah, dimanapun kamu bersembunyi pasti kena Badai ini (kecuali daerah-daerah pedalaman) , Badai ini bernama "GLOBALISASI" wew orang mulai mencari-cari trend Globalisasi low.. Salah satu senjata utama para Ekonomikus Dunia adalah menjual barang tanpa ada batasan tempat-jarak yang kerennya disebut dengan Online Shop

Hmm.. cocok-kah dengan kepribadian orang Indonesia ?? ini yang harus kita bahas. Bagaimana kalo ibu-ibu ga usah pergi kepasar cuma buka laptop terus pergi ke website (hehhe *ngibul mode : on) trus disana udah ada lapak pedagang, misalkan si Ibu mau bikin sayur lodeh, tinggal cari aja di ujung webnya tulisan "Search" terus cari deh bahan2-nya, terus ada Chart online nya (kayak Os-comerce itu lho) jadi tinggal naruh…

Daftar Free Hosting

Siapa yang ga mau barang gratisan ??? wew semua pasti ingin barang gratisan, apalagi nih Hosting Gratisan tanpa bayar. Hmm tapi perlu diingat gan, yang gratis ga selalu enak ! Pasti ada kekurangannya ya iyalah namanya juga gratis.. Hmm.. kalo masih seperti saya *newbie maksudnya* dari pada beli yang Premium mending yang gratisan aja dulu buat coba-coba kalau sudah jago dan mapan bisa dilanjutkan ke manapun anda mau :D..

Langsung aja gan cekidot :

Cpanel Hosting :

Code: - no banner - one 468x60 Banner is placed at the very top of the page - space besar Layered Panel Hosting :

Code: - no banner - no banner - No Tricks, No Ads on your sites, No forum posting. - space 30 giga - free no banner Lainnya :

Code: - diminta untuk menempatkan link ke 000webhost - no banner Warez Hosting :


Pembuatan Game Weapon Of Future IV

Aww... Tinggal sebentar lagi. Pengumpulan game FGTA tanggal 14 September (beberapa hari lagi) membuatku merasa sangat tertekan. Masalahnya game ku belum memenuhi syarat untuk menjadi sebuah game T.T... Jadi hari-hari ini aku fokuskan untuk membuat game saja, untuk project-project yang lainnya tak selesaian jika game na sudah selesai. Temen-temen. doain yah Game ku cepet selesai .. !!!

Maztam Balik Lagi

Setelah sekian lama gak ngeblog, jadi pengen ngeblog lagi. Hehhehe kini sudah bisa Onlen dirumah dengan bantuan Modem GSm merk Se-Yi (aneh bener merknya) . Tapi dikarenakan sinyal yang agak putus-putus dan (sangat) lemod jaya, dalam waktu dekat ini saya akan membuat Antena Bazoka 3g ciptaan Onno W Purbo.