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File Extension THMX

File Extension THMX file is a Microsoft Office 2007 Theme. A feature in the 2007 Office system, Office themes, lets you apply predefined styles to your documents. A theme will globally change the look of your presentation, including the fonts, graphics, colors, and effects.

Theme that can be applied to a document or presentation created with Microsoft Office 2007 or later; file extension THMX contains pre-defined colors, fonts, and formatting; typically used as a template for creating multiple files with a similar look and feel.

Unlike previous versions of MS Office, a single Office 2007 Theme can be applied to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents; this makes it possible to create a uniform look across multiple types of documents.

Custom themes can be saved by selecting "More..." in the Themes Group panel, then choosing "Save Current Theme;" saved themes can be loaded from within the Themes Group inside the Page Layout tab of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.