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Windows Vista files repair

In Windows Vista, it can happen that suddenly, inexplicably, for error messages. The reason for these error messages can be modified or even deleted Windows files that were not important.
In Windows Vista, you have the option to repair the damaged files.

At the bottom left icon on vista Proceed to Run (or press the Windows key and R) and type cmd.

In the opened window, type the following: sfc / scannow

If the corrupted file is found, you will be asked the Windows Vista DVD back into drive.
If the message does not appear integrity violations found, then the inspection and repair is completed.

Please run through a Windows Update, it updated your system data...

Patching Windows 7 to Speed Up PC

Patching of Windows 7 actually works just like Windows Vista. With Windows 7, the repair programs but immediately written to disk, so that this press run from the boot manager (F8 after the BIOS) can be. Advantage here is that Windows 7 does not require any repair CD or DVD. Does the repair console / repair partition is also no longer remain the way from the installation DVD to start. After selecting the language and keyboard layout to the next screen, click Repair your "computer" or "Repair your computer". Now, all the detected Windows installations appears. Here now we will select one and click Next.

It will now offer 7 different Windows repair options:
- Startup Repair - Home Repair
Here is the Windows tries-7 Setup program will automatically find errors that prevent that Windows can be started. These are then also repaired the same.

- System Restore - System Restore Windows 7
Here, the system can be restored to a previous restore point.

- System Image Recovery - Wind…

General information about HTTP status codes

When calling a Web browser via the HTTP protocol in a URI, then the web server that is responsible for the requested domain or IP address that request. He identified the required data on the server machine and sends them - again using the HTTP protocol - the waiting web browser. Depending on the requirement of the web browser was and what the result came out when determining the data on the server computer, the server sends the HTTP headers for the response a specific number to the calling browser. This figure represents a status code and tells you that the relationship between what the server delivers it to data that is at the desired requirement. In this way, error messages are sent, but also notes how "the requested data is access-protected." The browser can evaluate these status codes that represent the user and respond accordingly. The Web server writes the HTTP status code of the request also, if configured into its log files.

HTTP status codes are of interest to you as…

Permitted instructions. Htaccess files

You can record in an. Htaccess file exactly the same instructions found in the central configuration file, use - with a few exceptions. For example, you may download any additional side modules do not change the server name and ask for no extra memory (the DocumentRoot). -Container sind generell in so einer dezentralen Konfigurationsdatei ebensowenig zulässig wie Festlegungen für neue virtuelle Hosts." onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'"> Containers are also generally in such a distributed configuration file any more acceptable as requirements for new virtual hosts. If you have such desires, please contact your provider or webmaster related - or if you have a site locally installed Apache, you change the page httpd.conf. Otherwise you have very broad freedoms. Thus it is quite possible that you may use instructions contained in the central configuration file is not present, such a…

General Information. Htaccess files

Web servers that are compatible with the NCSA server, understand the concept of. Htaccess files. Today is one such especially on the increasingly dominant and the de facto standard-setting in the Web server Apache. When running on your server machine, ie a page Apache Web server, then you can use the technique. Htaccess files. But also for other Web servers, there are similar concepts, for example, to realize an access protection. If you do not know what is running web server software on the machine where your web hosting project, please contact your ISP or webmaster.

. htaccess files are server configuration files for directories that belong to your web site. Thus. Htaccess technique is for example the usual way to allow only certain users access to certain data. . htaccess is the answer to the frequently asked question of a "real" password protection. But with. Htaccess files, you can do much more than protect data with passwords. You can also automatically lock out all use…

General information about Server Side Includes

Using Server Side Includes (also known by the acronym SSI), you can directly within HTML files, dynamic information, such as Date and time integrated. You can also run CGI programs, and include their issues, such as a counter with the number of accesses to the current file in the HTML file. Or enter the current contents of various side CGI environment variables directly in HTML off - without having to go through a separate CGI script. Server Side Includes are generally intended for smaller parts of an HTML page dynamically integrate.

Server side includes are executed only if the Web browser, the HTML file on a Web server installed calls, so with a URI of type http:// .... Condition is also that the installed Web server, the Server Side Includes supported. Not all web servers do this, others interpret some of the possible indications. If the server does not know server-side includes, do the instructions in the HTML file. When testing with a locally installed Web server, you read this, p…

Our own web server

Many PC users with Internet access combined with the term "web server" a kind of mainframe computers on which are the data that can be seen on the Internet. Actually, a Web server, however, a not particularly great software that can run on any computer, in principle, not only on server computers on the Internet, but also on any PC. It is not even an Internet connection is required to operate a web server. There have only TCP / IP sockets are supported (Windows, for example, the file is) winsock.dll responsible. If your operating system ie TCP / IP sockets support, have already met all the prerequisites to a Web server offline and run without connection expenses. Browsers and Web servers will run on the same machine, but can then communicate with each other, as is customary on-line connections to the Internet.

Your own Web server, you should be treated here in relation to install locally on your PC to a CGI interface to have. For CGI works only when a Web server is available. …

The Apache HTTP - Webserver


Today (early 2007) the world's most widely used Web server was first published in April 1995 in a version 0.6.2. It was the result of cooperation between a small group of developers who had set itself the goal to create some bugfixes and patches for already in the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) at the University of Illinois, the software used. This first collection of patches, the software also owes its name: a patch--e. The association that the name of the server might be derived from the name of an Indian tribe, while most will have been dragged into the calculus.

The 90s of the last century in the onset of explosion of the Internet encouraged further work by the developer at the same time offered enormous and conditions to ensure that the needs for the use of reliable server software rose drastically. In addition, because the Apache from the beginning an open-source development, everyone should be free and available. The developer community grew ra…