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The Apache HTTP - Webserver


Today (early 2007) the world's most widely used Web server was first published in April 1995 in a version 0.6.2. It was the result of cooperation between a small group of developers who had set itself the goal to create some bugfixes and patches for already in the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) at the University of Illinois, the software used. This first collection of patches, the software also owes its name: a patch--e. The association that the name of the server might be derived from the name of an Indian tribe, while most will have been dragged into the calculus.

The 90s of the last century in the onset of explosion of the Internet encouraged further work by the developer at the same time offered enormous and conditions to ensure that the needs for the use of reliable server software rose drastically. In addition, because the Apache from the beginning an open-source development, everyone should be free and available. The developer community grew rapidly, so it was finally, in 1999 establishing the English-language page Apache Software Foundation. The development work is continually pursued.

The Apache enstammt the UNIX world, though there have long been ported to other computer architectures and platforms, including of course, for Windows systems. Since Windows 95, 98 and ME are not Mehrbenutzerbetriebssyteme are familiar with and therefore no special rights for different users, is discouraged by the Apache Software Foundation, Apache on a mission of such systems in the public service in English page. Do you need to use for public functions is a Windows system, you use one of the more modern NT-based systems (Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003). In addition, you should use an Apache for Windows version 2, since it uses the corresponding English page multiprocessing module (MPM) and thus significantly more stable, more reliable and run faster than the older Apache 1.3.x. If you only need a web server in the private sector or on a single computer to test your scripts, you can also use one of the older systems as well as the older version of Apache, if you nothing else is available.

If you try to Apache 2.0.x or 2.2.x to install Windows Vista, can it ever come to the installed version in your system (Home, Basic, Enterprise, or Ultimate) in unexpected problems. Try to log in before installation, as an administrator or use the "Run as administrator", then should a seemingly non-existing problems such as configuration file or the message "can not be set up as a service can be avoided."

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The Apache Modules

For each platform can be either pre-compiled package for Windows (for example, download msi installation packages) as well as complete source code, so each user can decide how he wants to "build his" Apache. This would require already requires some experience in dealing with a C compiler and Makefiles. But precisely because it is also possible to make only limited statements about a "standard" installation. The server itself is usually only a relatively small executable file. However, it can appeal to a wide range depending on the configuration of modules, with some very extensive additional features - and it may be that you are such modules like themselves "solid" would like to include into the executable. This modular approach has enormous benefits in itself, and has probably prevailed only because the Apache from the beginning, just nothing much more than a collection of patches around a main executable file was.

The modular concept was from the beginning part of the "construction" of the Apache and is regarded as one of its great strengths. There are currently some minor differences between the two "branches": the younger version of Apache 2.xx consistently uses the use of English-language page multi-processing modules (MPM), which were designed to ensure that the Apache idiosyncrasies of the platform, at which it is used may take into consideration. Same time, this MPM control a number of central German side instructions that are almost always needed in the Apache configuration. The older version of Apache 1.3.x is not yet a modular structure with the same rigor. It is still on many servers distributed on the Internet, but will be gradually replaced by the younger version.

There are different groups of modules: basic modules (or core modules) and other modules. Another group assignment can be made according to the state - so according to the manner in which they are compiled: multiprocessing module (MPM), base modules, expansion modules, experimental and external modules. Particularly interesting are the MPM, which is only for Apache 2.xx, there (Apache 1.3.x follows another, older module concept). Although in several sources of such modules are available, is always one and only one is needed that is tailored to the application platform. On a Windows machine can therefore be used only mpm_winnt. This has to do with the fact that Windows has no real multi-process system, and can be started for the Apache only two processes - the actual server process and a "child" process. On a Linux machine, however, can different "child" processes run parallel.

The server is running the core modules (and possibly statically compiled modules are always) available. There are currently only three core modules, but which have enormous significance:

* Core (only Apache 2.xx) - allows the use of containers in the httpd.conf, the response of server directories and files, setting ServerRoot and DocumentRoot, the creation of log files, the response of a port, aliases ... in short, the really important features that one wants to define as an administrator in the httpd.conf, so that possible in the first.
* Http_core - is responsible for KeepAlive and thus for the lifetime of HTTP connections. In Apache 1.3.x responsible for all the core statements.
* Mod_so - allows access to other modules to find the LoadModule statement as a DSO using
* (+ MP module in Apache 2.0.x)


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